AGENDA The following business must be transacted at every annual general meeting the receiving of the statement of income and expenditure, assets and liabilities and of mortgages, charges and securities affecting the property of the association for the last financial year; the receiving of the auditor's report on the financial affairs of the association for the last financial year; the presenting of the audited statement to the meeting for adoption; the election of members of the management committee (see below); the appointment of an auditor. ELECTION [...]

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Notice of Nominations for 2019 AGM

The following nominations have been received for positions on the BASEQ Committee. There will be a ballot held to vote for the positions of President and Vice-President. No nomination has been received for the position of Treasurer. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting on Sunday 29/9/19. (via Barb Heath, Secretary BASEQ) Position Nominated  Nominee President Paulette Steele President Dean Morgan Vice President Barry Beattie Vice President Dean Morgan Treasurer (no nominations) Secretary Barb Heath General Committee Shorty Parsons General Committee Donna Hourigan [...]

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Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Fest 2019

Experiences like the Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest are designed to take you on an adventure that connects you with friends, music and like-minded people in an intimate and inspirational setting. The Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues Fest is an authentic, BIG weekend festival featuring cracking bands, Free camping, RV's and Caravans welcome. The festival is BYO also a bar right in front of the stages and a cool kids area that continues to grow and get bigger and better every year for sweet times all [...]

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