LiveStream: Blues Arcadia – How It Was Done

SoundOut Studios Even with using recording setups, there are many ways to tackle how to stream a band. Here, Casper Hall, drummer for Blues Arcadia and owner of SoundOut studios explain how he and the band approached their Facebook Stream. Congratulations, Casper, on an excellent Stream of Blues Arcadia the other week. Can I ask you a few questions on what happened behind the scenes? Firstly, did you float the idea of live streaming to the band, being comfortable with technology, perhaps using the [...]

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Membership Extensions

COVID 19 has limited BASEQ's ability to promote & support blues music in the form of live events, festivals and jams. For this reason, BASEQ has decided to extend your membership for a further 6 months. There are positive signs of live music being available again in the near future, with some venues and festivals holding events in the next few months. We will continue to support venues, artists and fans through all possible avenues such as social media and emails to our members. We appreciate your [...]

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Blues in the Bush Drive-In Concert – POSTPONED – Date TBA

Live music is starting to happen again although in a different way than before. We have venues with 'sit down' cabaret-style live music and then we have drive-in concerts. With drive-in concerts, you get to go along and sit in the comfort of your car and enjoy seeing live music with the sound also being played through your car stereo. Buy your tickets here now: Drive In Concerts Live and Blues Association of SE Qld (BASEQ) present 'Blues in the Bush' featuring Russell Morris, BB [...]

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BASEQ Blues at The Triffid

BASEQ are busy teaming up with some great venues to give people some live Blues music! The Triffid is our co-host for this great live event. BASEQ Blues at the Triffid will showcase some of Brisbane's finest blues musicians and performers: Angela Fabian, Blind Dog Donnie, Harvey Blues, Lucky Lips, and the Dillion James Band. With the Triffid leading the way in COVID safe protocol, live music can be enjoyed whilst adhering to mandatory safety measures. After recently starring in the Voice, Angela Fabian will take to [...]

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Can you lend us a hand to keep our association alive and growing? The Blues Association of South East Qld warmly invites you to join us at our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Sunday the 25th of October at 10.30am at The Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna.   Have you thought of playing a more active part in promoting Blues music? It may surprise you to know that even 2 or 3 hours of your time per month can have a big impact!  BASEQ is a totally volunteer [...]

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