Want to Help Support BASEQ?

Signing up to BASEQ as a supporter and becoming a member is easy, and BASEQ greatly appreciates the support.

BASEQ membership yearly fees have not changed since the association was first formed back in 1993.

  • $25 for an individual
  • $40 for a family (which is defined as two adults in a bonding relationship with up to two children under 18 years old)

The online membership sign-up can be found at this link (also in the menu)


The payment processing is taken care of by PayPal, who have a solid reputation and is internationally recognised.  BASEQ does not retain your card details. You don’t need a PayPal account, just a valid Credit/Debit card.


BASEQ values your privacy and will NEVER disclose your details to any unauthorised groups or individuals. We will take all possible steps to ensure you details remain safe, and they will never be passed on to any third party group (with the possible exception of legal summons … but that’s hardly likely to ever happen).

Yes, while BASEQ does not collect your address, the PayPal card payment does require an address, but that’s only to help chase up any disputes or errors – BASEQ doesn’t “capture” that address, because we only need to know roughly where people live to target events based on location. PayPal assures us that your address details are kept safe with them and do not retain your card details (which is a hassle for renewing, but it’s an extra level of privacy).

“So, How Do I Sign Up as a Supporter?”


Go to this web page. https://www.baseq.org.au/join-now/

This is the form you get to see.

The BASEQ Join Up page to become a supporter

There’s three parts:

  1. personal membership details
  2. payment processing
  3. profile details (this is optional/opt in and is a forthcoming feature)

The Personal Membership Details:

The personal detail fields

The two different types of membership, each with a slightly different Card Payment details

And this is what the final form should look like before hitting the submit button to activate the payment

Within a minute or two you should receive a couple of emails, welcoming you to BASEQ, and to confirm your payment has been successful.

This is for a future feature of an opt-in profile page (not ready yet). You can come back at a later stage and complete this if you want.

So, thank you for your Support of BASEQ! Long Live The Blues!