BASEQ had its AGM on Sunday 29th September. We had an excellent turnout for the meeting and we have a much larger committee this year with 16 people on it, with quite a few new faces as well. We look forward to their input for this coming year and the future years ahead.

The committee comprises a good mix of males and females, musicians and ‘blues’ music lovers, across a broad range of ages from those with youthful ideas and tech-savviness to those with the wisdom that comes with living life and music. The important thing is that all of the committee members are dedicated to ‘Keepin’ the Blues Live’.

The roles and people in them are:

Management Committee Members

President:              Paulette Steele

Vice President:   Barry Beattie

Secretary:              Barb Heath

Treasurer:             Carolyn McCauley

General Committee Members

Marketing:            Donna Hourigan

Merchandise:       Shorty Parsons

Merchandise Asst: Dot Gollner

Gig Guide/FB:    Shelley Burden

Membership:      Shelley Burden

Youth in Blues: Dillion James

Jos Benner     Greg Chapman     Mike Freeman    Ryan Keepence    Catherine Lobb     Dean Morgan     John Oh

Jam coordinator: Barry Beattie

Jams:                         Ryan Keepence

Jams:                         John Oh

We are also fortunate to have a good number of committed volunteers who are always ready and willing to help out when called upon.