Hot Days for Scorching Dezzie D and the Stingrays

Dezzie D and the Stingrays are just about to drop another new release, full of danceable and interesting swing and jump blues tunes. But how did that happen? Congrats on your second release. The "followup" seems to be the hardest for artists to be satisfied with, while debut releases have been years in the gestation.   Are these originals or reinterpretations of classics? Was there a theme or common ideas running through the songs? The process of selecting songs to make the cut for our second album was [...]

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Radio Radio – Shaun “Blues With a Feeling” Bindley interview

(Part 1 of a series). Shaun Bindley has been producing the blues radio program "Blues With a Feeling" for 27 years. Here he discusses how this came to be, why he supports community radio, some of the up, downs and what he looks for. BB - Thanks Shakey Shaun for taking the time. Can I start with what motivates and drives you to be part of community radio? SB - I love to make a connection with listeners and being part of such a ground breaking [...]

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