Craig Claxton talks Guitars and Amps

This post of Craig talking about his guitars and amplifiers follows a previous one talking about recording his last couple of albums (see: Is there any particular sound, anything, anything that that impresses you that is a signature sound for you? Any favourite guitars that you like using? Well, yeah, absolutely. Both albums [“Lies and Alibis” and “Azure Blue”] feature a couple of amps. I record in stereo and on each amp they tend to put a condenser mic, a ribbon mic, a dynamic mics [...]

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Craig Claxton talks about recording his albums “Lies and Alibis” and “Azure Blue”

Your humble editor recently bailed up Craig Claxton at his work to talk about a few things. Craig has a long history in the Brisbane music scene, and a longtime supporter of BASEQ. Craig's website is perhaps a good place to start get a better understanding of him. This post is one of two. I want to start by covering off the last couple of albums and future recording plans. There's a rumour that you're just about to go back into the studio. Recording. Yeah, I'm [...]

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Dezzie D and the Stingrays – So much good music to choose from.

Dezzie D and the Stingrayz at Coolie Rocks On Editor's note: For an experienced band leader and lead singer, there are literally thousands of songs they could choose to put in their setlist. So, how does one choose? What's the deciding factor? With Dezzie D and the Stingrayz playing Sunday Feb 25 at the Royal Mail, Goodna, as the feature host band for the 2024 restart of the BASEQ jams, I reached out to Dezzie D and asked her about what the criteria was for [...]

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A local band to watch out for – Shade Hadie (formerly Writers Tongue)

So your humble BASEQ editor stumbled upon a group of four very young musicians who left me impressed. It wasn't their youth, it wasn't the use of vintage high powered guitar amplifiers played at a very comfortable volume but just dripping with tone. It wasn't really even the choice of material they were playing. Michael Georgas (Bass), Peter Donaghy (Drums), Oskar Thaw (Guitar), Buddy Moyes (Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica), It was the feel of that material. It was the musical communication between the members [...]

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Review of River Heads Rocks Festival 2022.

Review and photos by Donna Hourigan An easy three and a half hour drive north of Brisbane brings you to the gates of Fraser Coast RV Park, the site of a new and exciting music calendar event, the ‘River Heads Rocks Festival’. Think early Mitchell Creek Rock ’n' Blues Fest, intimate, community driven, committed to supporting local artists and the discovery of new talent. The festival first launched in 2021 with a lineup featuring EightBall Aitken, The Rolling Stones Experience and The Miz Bully Band. June [...]

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