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BASEQ Membership: checking if you’re current/ need to renew and how to self-service

This article covers some common questions BASEQ members have about their membership. Please remember, the main reason the BASEQ website exists is to allow members to renew by themselves via the website. For years, the BASEQ committee - humble volunteers - would drown under the weight of manually processing yearly renewals. This can all be done online, simply by going to the membership page on this BASEQ website: So, here's some scenarios and what to do: you are unsure if your membership is current (and [...]

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Notice of BASEQ AGM 2023 October 29th

Notice of BASEQ AGM 2023 October 29th - Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna (92 Brisbane Terrace) All financial members of the BASEQ are encouraged to attend the AGM. With out active members there will be no BASEQ Official start is 11am sharp but the committee will be there from 10:30am to talk with people about BASEQ. A rough schedule will be: 11:00am: opening and presidents report 11:10am: treasurers report 11:20am: assignment of chairperson to conduct the election of new committee 11:30am: - dissolving of current committee, - [...]

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Sunday the 25th of September 2022

Can you lend us a hand to keep our association alive and growing? The Blues Association of South East Qld warmly invites you to join us at our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Sunday the 25th of September 2022 at 11 am at The Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna.   Have you thought of playing a more active part in promoting Blues music? It may surprise you to know that even 2 or 3 hours of your time per month can have a big impact!  BASEQ is a totally [...]

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Presidents Pen – Barry B Signing Off.

So, I'm sitting in the Mt Glorious Cafe, with blues playing over their sound system, after a quick mid-week blast up the twisties (refresh skillz!), writing what will be my last Presidents' Pen, reflecting back on my involvement of BASEQ over many years. It was my good friend, Jules Victor (former BASEQ president), that urged me at the time to "upsize" my BASEQ membership to be part of the committee, as part of a larger effort to "restablise" BASEQ, and get back to it's mission after almost being [...]

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