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‘Black and Blue’ with Chain

(I was lucky enough to have Matt Taylor talk with me about the early days of Blues in the 60s and 70s. Here, Phil Manning provides us with some additional insight, and Kylie Cowling tells us about performing the re-released ‘Black and Blue’ with Chain at Mitchell Creek 2017) Matt Taylor (harmonica, vocals) and Phil Manning (guitar) with Chain. What can you tell us about the 50 years story? Well I don’t know that anyone can truly fully remember the early days because it was so complicated, [...]

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Shane Pacey – Bondi Cigars and the Shayne Pacey Trio.

(Shane Pacey chatted with me about the Bondi Cigars and the Shayne Pacey Trio) Bondi Cigars: Eben Hale (guitar/vocals), Frank Corby (drums, vocals), Shane Pacey (guitar vocals), Alan Britton (bass, vocals). Hi Shane, that was an awesome gig. Thank you, yeah it was good fun. It was quite intense. But you know, that’s how we operate, we’re not a particularly laid back band. And you had a bit of trouble getting up here and missed out on playing your Friday night set so that would get a [...]

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Foreday Riders (University of the Blues)

Known as Sydney’s ‘university of the Blues’, the Foreday Riders celebrated 50 years as a working band in 2017. The Groove caught up with Ron King for a chat about how it all started. Foreday Riders (L-R): Two original members from 1967 remain: the King Brothers, Ron (harmonica, vocals) and Jeff (guitar, Dobro). Rosscoe ‘Stinger’ Clark (drums) has been a Rider since 1982, Stan ‘Sleepy’ Mobbs has been on bass with the Riders since 1990. Fronting the band is singer/ guitarist Shane Pacey whose presence they [...]

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Blues Brothers: Still on a Misson from God!

The Original Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers movies (1998 and 2000) need no introduction and at Byron Bluesfest in 2018 we’ll witness the amazing band that created the soundscape behind comedy actors Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi. I spoke with Rob "The Honeydripper" Paparozzi (vocals, harmonica) from his home in New Jersey, USA about the new album and the upcoming show in Australia. The band has 16 albums including a brand new one, The Last Shade of Blue Before Black, recorded live in the studio and [...]

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