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Wiley Reed, You’ve Got Mail!

Wiley Reed preserved on cavas by Cath Butler. On Monday October 7, Labour Day in Queensland, the dust kicked up in the warm wind blowing gently outside the Royal Mail Hotel in Goodna, the old pub we fondly refer to as the Mail. The street was lined with the purple haze of jacaranda flowers as the intense heat of the day shimmered thickly from the road with all the promise of summer just around the corner. We had arrived to meet with others at the Wiley Reed [...]

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Mick “The Blues Doctor” Diggles Reminisces

by Mick "The Blues Doctor" Diggles (origionally published in BASEQ Groove Mag 189) "I guess everybody comes to the blues from a different direction and in a different way. For me it hit me like a sledge hammer, a life changing experience that happened one night back in 1964. It wasn’t through listening to records or watching you tube, it was through listening to a live band and a particular singer. The place was the Saint James club near Spring Hill. The band was the early [...]

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