Craig Claxton talks Guitars and Amps

This post of Craig talking about his guitars and amplifiers follows a previous one talking about recording his last couple of albums (see: Is there any particular sound, anything, anything that that impresses you that is a signature sound for you? Any favourite guitars that you like using? Well, yeah, absolutely. Both albums [“Lies and Alibis” and “Azure Blue”] feature a couple of amps. I record in stereo and on each amp they tend to put a condenser mic, a ribbon mic, a dynamic mics [...]

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Craig Claxton talks about recording his albums “Lies and Alibis” and “Azure Blue”

Your humble editor recently bailed up Craig Claxton at his work to talk about a few things. Craig has a long history in the Brisbane music scene, and a longtime supporter of BASEQ. Craig's website is perhaps a good place to start get a better understanding of him. This post is one of two. I want to start by covering off the last couple of albums and future recording plans. There's a rumour that you're just about to go back into the studio. Recording. Yeah, I'm [...]

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