Notice of BASEQ AGM 2023 October 29th – Royal Mail Hotel, Goodna (92 Brisbane Terrace)

All financial members of the BASEQ are encouraged to attend the AGM.
With out active members there will be no BASEQ
Official start is 11am sharp but the committee will be there from 10:30am to talk with people
about BASEQ.
A rough schedule will be:

  • 11:00am: opening and presidents report
  • 11:10am: treasurers report
  • 11:20am: assignment of chairperson to conduct the election of new committee
  • 11:30am:
    – dissolving of current committee,
    – previously received nominations for committee positions are tabled
    – voting conducted for nominations
    – any positions with previous received nominations will take nominations from the floor
    and voted upon.
  • 11:55am: new committee is formed. Chairperson is dismissed (having done their duty).
  • Recording of details for the minutes

Elected office bearers

  • President– chairing general meetings, oversight, new opportunities, external liason, ad-hoc
  • Vice President– chairing meetings in the absence of the President, ad-hoc tasks
  • Secretary – typical secretary roles (meeting agendas and minutes, updating official records,
    correspondence) including official contact for complaints or requests for actioning
  • Treasurer – typical treasurer roles (income/expenditure oversight and financial status), and
    assignment of an auditor and providing auditor support each year.

Appointed general committee members:

  • Jam coordinator / booking of host bands
  • membership – members official contact for membership enquiries
  • events – merchandise co-ordinator and external event logistics
  • marketing – promotions and marketing of events and BASEQ generally, liaison with external
    event organisations
  • editor – website article co-ordination and newsletter authoring
    (and hopefully four more people in a general role). The tools are WordPress for the website
    and MailChimp for the newsletter.

The General committee meeting will follow the AGM.

Robin Jones President

Voting Proxy and Pre-AGM nomination forms:

Proxy-Form-2023 (PDF version)
Proxy-Form-2023 (MSWord version)
Nomination-Form-2023 (PDF version)
Nomination-Form-2023 (MS Word version)