This article covers some common questions BASEQ members have about their membership.

Please remember, the main reason the BASEQ website exists is to allow members to renew by themselves via the website. For years, the BASEQ committee – humble volunteers – would drown under the weight of manually processing yearly renewals.

This can all be done online, simply by going to the membership page on this BASEQ website:

So, here’s some scenarios and what to do:

  1. you are unsure if your membership is current (and if it isn’t, renew)
  2. you’re getting the BASEQ newsletter (which means the membership system knows you) but you’ve forgotten your password so can’t log into the membership to renew (this also includes checking to see if your membership is current)

So, read on below to see how to do both of those things.

A common problem: forgetting your BASEQ membership password – and how to easily fix this.

Yes, this happens to the best of us: drowning in passwords.

For this you need access to the email address you first used to create your membership. Log into your email first then come back to

At the bottom of the membership page is how to reset your password so you can get into review your membership profile and renew your membership if it needs it.

Check your email for the temporary password to be sent to you.

Now you can use that temporary password that’s been sent to you via email to log in.

Seeing if your membership is still current.

When you log in, scroll down the page, past your contact details (and tee shirt size, etc) and you’ll see if you’re still current (or not).

OOPS! looks like I forgot to renew … a while ago it seems … oh dear.
NOTE: BASEQ memberships are still the same $25 (and has not increased in over 20 years). This amount owning (shown here) is more than that because it’s a pro-rata of covering membership after it lapsed (in this case, six months ago), plus 12 months from todays date. Now … where did I put my credit card …?

While you’re logged into your membership, how about updating your password to something you’ll remember for next time?

You don’t have to change your password, of course. You can go through the same process again to get a temporary password (provided you can get to your email address) … but if you _do_ want to change your password to something you can remember next time… just a suggestion…

Uh Oh! What email address did I use for my membership???

NOTE: if you signed up to BASEQ using, say, an old work email address or an email provided to you from your former internet provider/phone company and you no longer have access to it, then that’s a real problem, and it’s unfortunate. The BASEQ membership system identifies each member by their email address. As long as you still have access to that email, you can renew by following the steps mentioned above, even if your membership ran out a while ago. Before you give up and create a fresh membership, have you tried every email address you’ve owned? Did you sign up for membership with an email address you haven’t used for a while but still can get into? If not, then the only way forward is a new membership signup. PLEASE: only create a brand new membership if nothing else works to get back into your old membership profile. BASEQ gets charged ($$$) by how many membership are within the system, even if some of them are “Zombies”.